econoNuestra is a Spanish association of heterodox economic professors and researchers. This project was born inspired by the Indignados movement (15M) three years ago. Our main objective is working with social movements in the diagnosis of the crisis and alternative proposals.

During these years we have been making workshops, conferences, collaborating with critic mass media (TV, newspapers, radio) and bringing closer academia and social movements. One of the most important events we organized was the international meeting held in Madrid with critic economists and social movements from Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy. We are also cofounders and participants of European Progressive Economists Network (Euro-pen), created in Firenze 10+10.

Our site is devoted to economic discussion where where professors, researchers and social movements post their articles to enhance radical debates. It has an important dissemination in Spain and Latin America, but so far it was only possible to post in Spanish. However we are making some changes and it will be possible to post in English and French. Our challenge is to promote a European debate for which we are inviting a wide range of critic economic professors and researchers around the world. We would like to put at your disposal our web page inviting you to post any text that you would like to share. All of our links are widely disseminated in social networks.

There are three types of texts that we are currently promoting:

-          Hot news, which are comments on economic news that are currently being discussed in social networks and mass media

-          Analysis, which are more elaborate papers normally of longer length and deeper analysis

-          Comments, which are brief comments of some phrases of papers, articles, books, etc. that will feed “Critic bibliography”